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flattery will get you everywhere
21st-Apr-2016 12:31 am - FRIENDS ONLY

This journal is friends only.

I'm pretty open to adding anyone so just drop a comment and let me know if we've chatted before or you just happened upon my journal!


9th-Oct-2010 09:43 pm - "THANK YOU, GRILLED CHEESUS"
I have an overwhelming desire to make a room meme... I have a new camera and yet, never use it, so perhaps I'm using that as an excuse. That and deknighted posted photos on FB which also stirred my interest~

I'm watching Glee... and enjoying it immensely. I didn't imagine I would but I love it to bits. It's not a show I'd picture myself EVER watching but I don't regret picking it up ^^

Booked my tickets to Adelaide 8DDD I'm very much looking forward to see all the family again. This time around, I get to see my grandmother who I haven't seen any about 10 years... I imagine I've changed since I was eight. That and I'll likely be camping in front of ShinTokyo so I can procure more and more things each day >]

And somehow, I am on a Gundam SEED bent... again~ I procured a couple of figures on Animania weekend and it's stuck. OH GOD HELP. This series has taken WAY too much of my money already.

Probably going down to Melbourne for Armageddon Expo now. Ben Browder, Michael Shanks and Torri (OH MY GOD YES) Higginson is more than reason enough, methinks! Though, I don't know if I'll have enough for accomodation. Perhaps I will bring a cardboard box.

A-A-AND THEN AMANDA IN DECEMBER. With Chuck, Carmen and Ryan too ♥
PLUS Armageddon next year with DAVID HEWLETT (IN ME NOW), Robin Dunne and Chris Heyerdahl!
Australia's current con line-ups are looking pretty swell. Next up, Supanova guest lists C:

Hope everyone is well.

22nd-Apr-2007 01:07 pm - Colourbars =]
Just putting colourbars I've found here...

FMACollapse )

Gundam SEEDCollapse )

I'll put more up later...
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